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Free Laptop 
08:27am 02/04/2005


click here:http://www.ezlaptop.com/index.php?ref=56417 .


Please check out this site and let me know what you think

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Under the Centurion 
03:56pm 21/09/2002
  Show October 5, 2002

Across the street from East Detroit High School. On Gratiot south of nine mile road next to the Eastpointe Post Office. Parking in rear. Show up around 7, for we are the first act.
07:09pm 28/07/2002
  we need boy magician for our movie  
03:04pm 26/07/2002
  For $5 you can come see Boy Magician and swim in a huge pool with powered waterslide.

tonight at 8 til 10
Kennedy Pool in Eastpointe
just south of 10 mile on schroder (west of kelly, east of gratiot)
08:46pm 19/06/2002
  Most of you have seen the flyer for my graduation party. If not, this is your invitation. I hope you can all make it. The flyer says it starts at 2. Plan on coming later unless you want to:

a) see all my family. (Its scary. Ask Lauren.)
b) leave before Boy Magician plays. (That is hoe and so very not cool.)
c) miss the mad dancing of Charles Watkins and his crew.
d) be hungry.

Im just concerned that people will come at all times of the day lowering the consistent crowd. If you all plan on coming at about 5ish, we will have one bumping party with lots of friends, food, and entertainment. Speaking of friends: tell them. Bring them along. I dont care if I don't know them. Introduce me to them and let them eat my food.

If food, dancing, and Boy Magician isnt enough, well then I'll throw in some DDR for ya.... That's right, Dance Dance Revolution. I know that offer just gained me 4-6 more of you and your friends.

Now for the details.....

June 30th
Family will be getting here about 2pm.
Food around 5 (or earlier if theres a crowd growing.)
Boy Magician with Ben busting some percussion and TEC dance crew will be at 7.


Take I-94 East (Theres construction so its wise to take Gratiot to 16 mile turn right and take it to 94.)
Get off at the 26 mile exit.
At the light turn right. Take 26 mile to County Line Rd.
Turn right. Take County Line to Saint Claire. (You will pass Northridge, the new Anchor Bay HS, and Maple Creek. My division is Ashley Farms with the crappy sign).
Turn right.
Approach the stop sign, turn left.
Approach Haley (next street), turn right.
Take Haley until you see a bumpin partay.
36489 Haley (Orsen is the nearby cross street).
Im on the right.

That's about it. I better see you here or let me know you cant come so I can beat you with a stick.
Call me for anything else.

Home: (586) 725-0903
Cell: (586) 675-4070
Flyer and map: http://drive.to/johnsparty
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03:14pm 15/06/2002


02:26am 12/06/2002
mood: fo shizzle
~haha. well i dont know why i didnt join sooner, i should have been the first one. when is your next show guys? the 29th? ......hugs and kisses
08:02am 11/06/2002
  Couple new songs on mp3.com/Boymagician.

Also I'd like to have the boymagician backgrounds available for download sometime soon, more on that later.
04:45pm 07/06/2002
  This is so much easier than a real website.

Show info and other Boy Magician news will be posted here. Join the community and share anything you want here.